The Failures That Lead To Success

On this episode of THE COMPANY WE KEEP podcast, host Jason Pearl gets real about failure – specifically his own. He talks about how failure is universal, but it's how we get back up that really determines the type of person we become.
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Show Highlights: 
(00:00) Introduction
(05:05) High School - Didn’t Make The Team
(10:17) College - Family Troubles
(12:30) Wells Fargo - The Only Job I’ve Ever Had Disappears
(17:40) HSBC - Taking A Step Back
(20:20) Let Go - When I Thought I Was On The Team…Then I Suddenly Wasn’t
(24:01) Making Lemonade
(27:07) Recap

Here’s a little advice: Embrace the failures. Use the struggle to strengthen your drive and channel your energy for action and movement in the right direction. Success is a state of mind. It's something that you commit to. It's something that you identify. It's something that you choose to do. And it's something that you have control over. Success isn't about a bank account. It's about a mindset.

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