Lauren Johnson

On this episode of THE COMPANY WE KEEP podcast, host Jason Pearl welcomes mental performance coach and speaker, Lauren Johnson. Lauren works with professional athletes, military personnel, and business professionals. Before starting her own business she was the mental performance coordinator for the New York Yankees. Buckle up for an episode full of Lauren's practical, straightforward advice and mental performance strategies to help you develop mental toughness, so you can perform your best regardless of where you find yourself in business or in life.
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Show Highlights:
(00:00) Introduction
(03:48) What’s a mindset coach?
(05:46) Lauren’s Work With The New York Yankees
(10:41) The Starbucks Conversation That Changed Lauren’s Life
(18:20) Lauren’s Daily Habits That Set Her Up For Success
(22:27) Lauren’s Pit Stops
(26:50): “Big Words With Deeds”
(29:01): Lauren’s Spotify Playlist
(30:10) Guilty Pleasures
(31:08): Lauren’s Question For Jason
(31:59) Wrapup & Contact

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