Eric Hepkins

On this episode of THE COMPANY WE KEEP podcast, host Jason Pearl sits down with CEO, 6-time Ironman, leadership expert, and family man Eric Hepkins. Hepkins serves as the CEO of Cornerstone Federal Credit Union and chats with Jason about his leadership mentality, commitment to teamwork and community, and how he prioritizes his family of five above everything else. Eric has done it all and has picked up some valuable advice along the way.
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Show Highlights:
(00:00) Introduction
(02:50) What it takes to be an Ironman
(05:33) How Jason and Eric met
(07:25) The responsibility of being a CEO
(08:32) Transitioning from larger to smaller organizations
(11:33) Leadership style
(13:13): Balance
(15:36) The company Eric keeps
(16:49) The fun stuff
(23:28) Recap

Mentioned On The Episode:
Cornerstone Federal Credit Union