Balancing Leadership With Basic Needs

On this episode of THE COMPANY WE KEEP podcast, host Jason Pearl examines how Abraham Maslow's "Hierarchy of Needs" fits into today's leadership mindset, and how it relates to his core guiding principle: Head, Heart, House.
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Show Highlights: 
(00:00) Introduction
(01:47) Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
(07:33) Head, Heart, House
(08:00) Head
(10:25) Heart
(12:35) House
(15:01) How It All Fits Together
(17:32) Recap

Here’s a little advice: When you talk about growth and then you talk about trying to pair this pyramid of basic human needs with the people that you surround yourself with, it starts to become very clear of how we need to understand how these basic needs play out in our own personal lives, as well as how it plays out with the people that are in our circle or those that we are influencing.

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