Success Is A Choice

On this episode of THE COMPANY WE KEEP, host Jason Pearl explains why success is a choice, how you can define success for yourself, and how to design your life to ensure everything you do on a daily basis reflects the life that you want.
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Show Highlights: 
(00:00): Introduction
(00:40): Success Is A Choice
(03:58) Don’t Let Anyone Hijack Your Idea of Success
(09:09): We Have It All Wrong
(11:36): How YOU Can Learn to Define Success
(17:14): Let’s Connect

Here’s a little advice: Success isn't a business term. It's not reserved for high level executives. It's not reserved for entrepreneurs. It's not reserved just for people in business. And it's certainly not reserved for just money. And we live in a world where money and material possessions and things are what elevates peoples’ status. Put again, that's where we have it all wrong.

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