Chris Niemeyer (Part Two)

In part two of this episode of THE COMPANY WE KEEP podcast, host Jason Pearl is joined again by entrepreneur, business leader, coach, and content creator, Chris Niemeyer. Jason and Chris' immersion into new businesses like real estate and crypto, knowledge exchange, and prioritizing family above everything else.
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Show Highlights:
(01:16) Coach Chris
(04:42) Real Estate Investing
(05:53) How to get into coaching
(08:44) Knowledge exchange
(12:13) Don’t ask your friends for free courses
(14:29) How you can scale your time
(16:51): How Chris prioritizes his time
(18:19) Funny Dad stories
(19:31) Last album Chris listened to
(20:36) Chris’ guilty pleasure
(20:48) Wrap Up

Mentioned On The Episode:
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Chris Niemeyer: LinkedIn
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Chris Niemeyer: Facebook
RICH DAD, POOR DAD by Robert T. Kiyosaki
A Week Away on Netflix